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Product Description

INDOLIGA GV Liquid (4310L) is a dispersing agent, having strong dispersing properties . It is a super plasticizer, having strong dispersing properties and capable of producing mobile, free flowing and pumpable concrete. It can also be used as a dispersants in synthetic and natural rubbers , in agricultural formulations (dispersants for pesticides), as tanning agents (syntans) for leather industries and for gypsum board as water reducing aids (WRA).


Appearance : Dark Brown Liquid
pH : 7 to 9
Sp. Gravity: 1.225 to 1.235 at 30 deg. C
Solid Content : 43% +/- 1 %
Sulphate Content : Max 4.5%
Viscosity: 60 Sec Max By B3 Cup at 30 Deg.C


• 250 Kgs HDPE Drums
• 1000kg IBC
• Road Tankers (26 MT)
• ISO Tanks – 25 MT ( for Export )
• Flexi Tanks – 22 MT ( for Export )

Handling & Storage

It is recommended that normal safety precautions (hand gloves & safety goggles) be taken while handling the
product. The product should be stored at ambient temperature and be protected from direct sun light exposure. The product should be used within 6 months of delivery. Containers should not be kept open to avoid surface skinning.


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