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Product Description
INDOLIGA GV Powder (8900 P) is a dispersing agent. It is a superplasticizer, having strong dispersing properties and capable of producing mobile, free flowing and pumpable concrete. It can be used as dispersants in synthetic and natural rubbers, Textiles and as tanning agents (syntans) in leather industries, agricultural formulations (dispersants for pesticides), dyes.


Appearance : Light to Dark Brown Free Flowing powder
pH (5% Solution) : 7 to 9
Moisture Content : Max 7%
Sodium Sulphate : Max 9.5%
Bulk Density: 0.55 to 0.75 gm/cc


• 25 Kgs Polythene Lined HDPE Bags
• 25 Kgs Paper Bags
• Big Bags

Handling & Storage

It is recommended that normal safety precautions (hand gloves & safety goggles) be taken while handling the product. The product should be stored at ambient temperature and be protected from direct sun light exposure. The product should be used within 6 months of delivery. Keep Away from moisture.


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